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Hi-tech 4 israel

Entrepreneurs, civilians, and tech enthusiasts alongside the IDF and victims of terrorism.

The HI-TECH 4 ISRAEL is an initiative of Israeli tech enthusiasts who recognize the duty to assist the IDF soldiers and the population in this difficult time. Through connections to more than 200 military and civilian centers, we are at the service of the state and its citizens to provide the necessary equipment and assistance in the most efficient manner.

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Current Status


Over 140 units and battalions received assistance

Missing Civilians Located

Over 35 missing civilians were found alive


Over 50 influencers assisted in spreading the initiative


Over 20,000 equipment items were supplied to the field

Volunteers and Helpers

Over 500 volunteers joined the initiative


Over 55 HI-tech companies joined in support



Intelligence Efforts

Locations of 300 missing individuals were gathered

Publicity and Distribution

We were featured on Fox News and Geektime

Hitech 4 Israel

Assistance in equipment and support for Israel

47% funded

Raised out of ₪1,975,325 goal by 316 donors

Your Donations:

We ensure your donation directly meets the frontline's most critical needs. Our team has established an end-to-end supply chain, spanning from gathering immediate needs from soldiers to the direct delivery of essential equipment.

We also collaborate with other leading civilian operations, ensuring

a streamlined aid process

We appreciate every monetary donation (from small to large) that is directed immediately to immediate needs on the ground through recognized and registered organizations.

About us

Hi-tech 4 Israel was founded by entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to participate in the effort and provide assistance to the IDF.

Our goal at the Hi-tech 4 Israel is to collect general equipment, military gear, and funding that can be used for the benefit of equipment to be delivered to the field.


Thanks to our entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, Hi-tech 4 Israel operates vigorously, much like a startup company, as only we Israelis know how. Within two days, teams and team leaders, each in their area of expertise, have come together, and equipment and funds are already starting to make their way to the soldiers. We come to you today because we believe in the power and connections of Hi-tech 4 Israel and in our ability to collect equipment and funds and fulfill needs quickly and efficiently

How can you help?

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Monetary donations

Any contribution, regardless of its size, holds the power to create a meaningful impact. Your donations enable us to procure equipment, provide support to families and soldiers, and sustain our operations.


Equipment donations

We are in need of essential items, such as clothing, medical supplies, and toiletries. Each and every contribution goes a long way in improving the lives of soldiers in the field and impacted civilians.



Companies interested in supporting our mission are invited to participate in various ways - donating equipment, financial support, or even sharing information with their employees and customers.


Distribution & publicity

Your support in spreading information and sharing our activities on social networks or through other means gives us exposure and support for assistance and donations.

Partnering Companies

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Suridata Company Logo
Epsagon Company Logo
Ever After Company Logo
Become Company Logo
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Covercy Company Logo
Verbit Company Logo
Amplication Company Logo
Voom Company Logo
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Influencers assistance

Your support in disseminating information and sharing our activities on social networks or through other means gives us exposure and support for assistance and donations.

Do you want to help us spread the assistance in Israel and around the world?

Send us a message on Instagram, and we will provide you with materials and content for promotion.

News Publications


Israeli Hi-Tech is Mobilizing: Initiatives and Donations from Companies

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Equipment Donation

Call for Equipment Donations! These are the requested items for the units

Required Equipment


Flashlights & camelback/shluker


Earplugs and

heating pads


Coats and green T-shirts


Bedding and blankets


Toilet paper and toiletries


Underwear and socks

How to Donate Equipment?

Frame 41_3x.png

Getting to Our Center

Deliver the equipment to our volunteering center at: Dubnov 10, Tel Aviv, 2nd floor, Walnut Offices

Contact us at: 050-5274942

Frame 13_3x.png

Collection from Your Location

If you have a significant amount of equipment that requires assistance with transportation to our center, we can help with the collection.

Frame 40_3x.png

Donation for Equipment Purchase

If you would like to contribute to the effort and help purchase equipment for the units through us, you can donate through our verified donation collection page - Click here

צריכים סיוע

We are here for you

If you are a soldier or a civilian in need of assistance with equipment or food, you can fill out the form in the following button. The information you provide will remain confidential, and we will check and address your request as quickly as possible. Our goal is to bring you the help you need swiftly and efficiently.

Financial Assistance Application

Frame 40_3x.png

We are raising and directing monetary donations to families and soldiers affected by the security situation to help them recover.

Frame 41_3x.png

Support for Missing Persons Search

We operate directly in contact with families and security officials to locate missing individuals, providing information and support for their safe return.

Frame 13_3x.png

Supply of Equipment

We supply clothing, medical equipment, toiletries, and food to soldiers in the field and civilians in affected areas.

Do you want to volunteer?

While we are not currently seeking volunteers, we will soon be expanding to additional projects.

We need some details so we can get in touch with you.

we added you to the list

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